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2 Common Dryer Repairs

Should I Call for Professional Appliance Repair or Fix My Dryer on My Own?

kitchen appliancesWhen an appliance stops working, everyday life becomes more difficult. We rely on these machines more than we’d like to. However, we rarely take the time to ensure their proper maintenance. As a result, many appliances break down without any warning. Luckily, there are many contractors that offer professional appliance repair services. But, before you call one, make sure you’ve done everything that could be done to repair the appliance yourself. Here are two of the most common dryer problems and repairs.

Dryer Does Not Start
If your dryer refuses to start, then there must be a problem with the electrical connection. Check the outlet where the machine is connected. You can easily test an outlet by plugging any kind of device in it. So, grab your hair dryer, stereo, or whatever else you have in your home that runs on electricity and can be easily moved around and plug it in the respective outlet. If the device does not receive electricity, then the outlet is defective. Do not try to fix it yourself. Call a professional electrician. However, if the outlet is fine, then check the dryer’s fuse. It’s usually located in the back of the drier. If it’s blown, then replace it. If the dryer still doesn’t work, then call for a professional appliance service. It seems that the problem is far more complex than you can handle.

Clothes Do Not Dry Properly
There are several cases that may lead to this situation. First, you should check the filters. If they are dirty or broken, clean or replace them immediately. Lint may have accumulated around the housing of the vent or blower housing and this is another problem that can affect the drying process. Finally, the last culprit is a defective heating element. To replace these, you need to hire an appliance repair service provider.

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