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A Few Things you can do Yourself Before Calling for Freezer Repair

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Freezers

Among all appliances you have in your home, freezers are the ones that work the most. It is not uncommon for them to develop problems every now and then. Although the best way to handle freezer problems is to hire a contractor who specializes in freezer repair, it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it yourself. Here are a few easy steps to follow when your freezer stops working.

If you notice your freezer hasn’t been making any noise for a while, there is no light inside and the food starts to unfreeze, then you may have an electrical issue. We definitely don’t encourage owners to try to fix electrical issues. The task should be left to professionals. You can, however, check the fuse or circuit breaker panel.

Young girl breaks the fridge

If the light inside your freezer comes on when opening the door but the food is still defrosting, then the compressor might be broken. In order to make sure the compressor is the source of your issue, consider setting your freezer to minimum and then listen for the compressor. In about five to ten minutes, your compressor should start running while producing a steady noise. If this doesn’t happen, then consider hiring someone who specializes in repairing appliances.

The thermostat of your freezer is that wheel with marks on it which allows you to set the temperature for your freezer. When the thermostat breaks down, the freezer starts behaving abnormally: over cooling or melting. If you notice an awkward functioning of your freezer, it may be caused by the thermostat.

Evaporator Coils
If the evaporator coil freezes over due to dirt and dust trapped inside it, the freezer may not cool properly. Luckily, this is a repair which doesn’t necessarily require a specialist. All you have to do is unplug the freezer for a manual defrost and clean the coils.

If your freezer stopped working and none of these solutions actually helped, then call A-Anthony's All Appliance & Air LLC and let us fix the problem for you.

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