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Want to Know How to Perform Basic Repairs to Your Refrigerator?

How to Fix Your Fridge – An Expert Refrigerator Repair Service Provider Answers


Performing even a minor refrigerator repair service is harder when the appliance is not keeping the food cold properly. There are a few ways to check if a refrigerator is maintaining a correct temperature, such as placing a thermometer on the middle shelf. It must show 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if not, and a thermostat re-adjustment does not rectify the problem, your fridge’s condenser coils or fan could be obstructed underneath or at the rear of your refrigerator.


Usually, identifying the problem is only the beginning. Refrigerator repair can be a complex task and the issue will only get worse if it’s not fixed properly. In most cases, if the coils, the fan, or the compressor need replacing, you will have to hire professionals to do it. Sometimes this is covered by the refrigerators warranty, and the work will be performed free of charge.


Professional repair can be expensive, but there are some tasks which can be performed without getting professional assistance. Some of the more common issues can be quite simple to fix. All you need is time, patience and a few simple directions. If your refrigerator is not working after it has been moved, the problem could be loose wiring. Just unplug the power cord and take off the service panel. To identify which wire has been dislodged you will have to check each one systematically. Once you have found the loose wire, simply tighten it up or reconnect it.


The placement of a refrigerator can also create problems within the appliance. Most refrigerators are unable to keep food cold when the air temperature goes under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower the temperature, the less often the compressor runs. With most refrigerators, if the air temperature goes under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the compressor will stop and the food will get spoiled. If that is your situation, move your fridge to a warmer place and that should fix the problem without the need of hiring an expert.


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